Thursday, March 26, 2015

Absa Cape-Epic 2016

On Monday 23rd March, one day after the finish of the 2015 Cape Epic, 100 out of 600 early bird entries were up for grabs precisely at 15h00 for the 2016 event. Those early bird entries sold out in nine seconds. Considering that an international bunch were sitting at their devices, waiting to press go and pay the R60k team entry fee, that's pretty impressive. Whats more impressive, is that I am one of them.

So as the fact that I am R60k in the red, butterflies at the prospect and the realisation that i'm "in" sets in, I have resolved to up my game and in the process, convinced myself that I have enough time to prepare...yeah right ha ha! Actually I am so happy and very lucky. This year I have entries for Sani2c and Wines2whales...two events that are premier cross country endurance mountain biking races. These aren't anywhere close to the scale of the Cape-Epic but are perfect for building up. I am 6 weeks away from Sani2c and the training is going well. With the Epic entry confirmed, motivation is at an all time high and to top it all, my Sani partner has just splashed out on a brand new carbon full-sus 29er. I am so stoked for him. There is nothing better than doing a premier event on a new bike!!

Meantime my efforts to encourage a regular bunch of guys to ride from Rhodes Memorial around Devils peak and back have been helped along by some committed regulars who are keen to ride in the mornings, despite the darker starts. We leave at 6:30 from the lower gate and despite experiencing fierce winds sometimes, it is fair to say that it is an established ride. The committed few will always be there. The ride is about 1h30 and returns to the start via the single track. We seem to have created a habitual "photoshoot" spot and when recently asked why we always stop for photos, we realised that we don't have a choice. You would be hard pressed to find a backdrop that is as moody as Table mountain and hence every ride feels like a photo opportunity.

Representing my feelings about the 2016 Cape-Epic entry, here is this mornings photo of the mountain...calm, passionate but uncertain.

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