Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Action on Table Mountain

Table Mountain and specifically Devils Peak has seen some action over the last week.

The 2015 Cape Epic prologue was held on the trails that we ride on a regular basis. These snake from Rhodes Memorial just above UCT around Devils peak into the main Table mountain "Deer Park" bowl, back up to the Kings blockhouse and down vie Plum Pudding hill to UCT again. We rode a big part of the prologue route backwards on Saturday, the day before the Cape epic started and had the privilege of riding past some mountain biking legends. We rode past (note...not passed) Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesj√•, the winner of the women's cross-country gold medal at the 2004 Olympic Games and multiple World Champion. Then we saw Kevin Evans, local National champion and general South African MTB icon and his race partner, Max Knox. We saw the entire Topeak Ergon racing team and a further wide variety of men and women racing teams. They were all doing a recon of the route. 

Then of course, more action was to be had in the way of our regular bunch of friends that ride on that part of the mountain on Tuesday mornings. The wind was howling and it is getting darker, but 5 of us showed up and had a very windy but awesome ride. Coming back towards Newlands, it felt like we were doing wind tunnel testing for Formula1. Most of us pitched up with lights...a sure sign winter and darkness is on its way...not quite yet, as it is still warm, but you can definitely sense its close.

With Tokai and Silvermine closed because of the recent fires, I predict the action on Table mountain and Devils peak to increase.

Here are some pictures of the boys on the mountain on Tuesday morning...


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