Saturday, December 7, 2013

Post Burger 2013 stuff

Ok, so the Burger Sanlam 2013 has come and gone...jeez, "You've got to be an old ballie to still call it that!", I was reminded by a mate who probably also calls it that, although he didn't admit it! Well I am an old ballie, so even though it's now called "Die Burger cycle tour", it doesn't sound right without Sanlam thrown in somewhere ha ha. Lekker race, was seeded in "A" but started in "C", a good strategy because I almost got dropped on Hellshoogte, but managed to stay with the bulk of the group until the end and did a 3:00.01...yup not 2:59.59 or something...I should have kicked in the last 50 metres, but I was just glad to be done. Still, 3:00.01 is a bit cruel.

So now we go back to December chilled riding, coffee stops, lots of hours, fun, coastal rides, weight management and lots of wind. Oh yes, this last week I have tried 3 times to do a leg loosen-er but no, this bliksemse Southeaster wont let that happen will it? Every ride has been a slog into the teeth of the southeaster. Yesterday I got stopped dead by a gust going downhill from Llandudno to Oudekraal...the okes driving past must have been canning themselves.

So what coming up to train for? Argus for sure, RE:CM 200 again and a host of 2014 MTB events...perhaps a late entry into Sani2C? Who knows! With PPA not letting on to the 2014 summer calendar, we have to look beyond that.

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