Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Die burger MTB challenge seeding

I received the registration sms from the Dirtopia team as follows; "Hi Digby. your race number is D1529 for Die Burger MTB Challenge. Bring this number to registration. Please see for all event info."

It turns out I can register tomorrow at the Sports Science Institute which is down the road from me.

I doubt if I will start off in the "D" group and have all the hotshot guys on bikes with bigger wheels than mine flying past me. That will be like Michael Schumacher passing a granny in a beetle. No thank you very much, I think I'll just drop back to a group where the guys have saddle bags, helmets from Sportsmans Warehouse and will stop at all the water points to take photos of their buds. (They will be the guys and gals on heavy old hardtail 26-inch bikes from bible times!)

I've entered the 60km distance, the profile doesnt look too bad:

We'll see.(doh!)

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