Monday, June 4, 2012


Well here I am back on this blog and a ludicrously long time it has been. I suppose interest fosters activity and activity sparks action...and I have had an anything but trivial lack of all three. I'm talking about the things that make it to this blog, that is...not to say existence has been boring or uneventful. I have moved from Joburg to Cape Town and involved myself in a number of other activities, hiking, rock-climbing, surfing as well as eating far too many burgers and cakes....yes, faaar too many burgers and cakes! Work has also kept my mind spinning and then of course there is always a family to look after. So does the fact that I'm here posting to this blog again mean anything significant? Has something changed? Am I buying a new bike? Do I have an entry to the renowned Cape-Epic? Have I discovered a fresh new riding club or maybe they have discovered me? Perchance I've made transcendent contact with the late great Marco Pantani? (OK, too dramatic!) Maybe I've been invited to go riding with a star?

Or is it simply that I am back in the Cape on the doorstep on mountain bike heaven and the mojo is tiptoeing back?


  1. May the mojo tiptoe become a steady heady stampede as you embrace every day! MelB

  2. Hey Digz, I know the feeling! Between running, cycling, surfing, restoring old bikes, family etc ... The Cape is crAzy. Give me a shout if you are in the Noordhoek /silvermine area.. For old times sake... Hans

  3. Hey Hans, that will be lekker, I'm in Little Mowbray so you aren't far away...when is the best time for you?