Sunday, October 24, 2010

Trek Madone 5.2

So after about 3 months of "windows" shopping (or longer), and a few trips to various bike shops, fighting an inner battle of LBS (Local Bike Shop) loyalty and waiting for 2011 bikes to arrive, I finally settled on a Trek Madone 5.2.

You see, I know its not about the bike but lets be honest, these Treks have come a long way and when I saw the new color scheme (similar to the Radioshack colors), it moved from #4 on my top 5, to top 2. The fact that my local bike shop came to the party with price and a payment plan, edged it to number 1 and I am very stoked with my decision. (and I don't have any guilt about not supporting my local bike shop etc etc).

I am still experimenting with the setup but so far I've pretty much got it right...well at least it feels right. The bike with pedals and bottle cages comes in at about 7.5 and I can still change the stem and bars, saddle and pedals...never mind wheels. although the Bonrager race lights are pretty cool.

Oh and by the way, the Shlecks will be on Treks next year because the new Luxembourg based team are riding Treks next year.

Am I swapping the knobblies for slicks, dirt for tar and crossing over way! With a Sani2C entry confirmed for 2011, I'll be back on the Green Tiger very soon but for now it's big groups, sub-3's and white socks!!!

Now all I have to do is win 7 tours de France!!!

1 comment:

  1. Amazing looking bike!

    What tires are those? I'm looking for those same ones with white sidewalls.