Friday, October 29, 2010

Dome to Where???

So I decided that I better start racing again if I wanted to do a good 94.7 this year. A few good ol Joberg road races were coming up and I earmarked some good ones, 2 to 3 weeks apart to enter.
The first was Dome to Dome on 5th September. Dome to where? A race that usually started and ended at the Northgate dome, changed this year with the start and end venue being the Silverstar Casino. The race made its way towards Muldersdrift, on to Kloofzicht, Starkfontein Caves and back to the Casino...90km. There was a good turnout, some unforeseen traffic jams at the start probably caused some stress for those running a bit late but in general, reasonably well organized.

I decided that as this was my first road race since the Kremetart, I would slide into it like a taxi passing on the dirt and forcing his way into traffic....not to much thinking. Turned out it was a good ride and my choice to take it easy was the right one. ended up on a 3:27 from the E group. My plan was to start in easier groups and work my way forward until I found a group that I was comfortable in. The photo below is about 2 minutes from the end...hence the chilled look.

3 weeks later was the 106km Campus to Campus out at the North West University’s Vaal Campus. The ride takes in the famous Ertjiesberg, but it’s really the only major obstacle in what is otherwise a mildly undulating and flat route. I found myself riding 90% of the route in very small groups and the last 40km with just 1 other guy. My climb over Ertjies felt like Oprah on a single the time I was at the top I was giving myself counseling!

Here is photo of my friend and I looking as cool as cucumbers before the start. This was my first race on the new bike :-))))

Stay tuned to hear about our ride at Suikerbosrand and back, why I couldn't remember my name, a great Race for Victory and the Amashova down in Durbs...

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