Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Day 1 of the SANI2C is supposedly the easiest day, to confirm this please ask Kevin “Michael Naiker” Perkins, he actually stated that he was pooping himself so much on the single track that he had skid marks on his chamois that Sarel Van Der Merwe would have been proud of.

The night’s accommodation before the start was very pleasant, we had the MCC group in the school library, unfortunately there were no books with pictures for “Vern” to look at!

We all got to meet “Digby’s’ partner who settled into the banter quite naturally, he was abusing FRODO the wise one after only one hour, nice!

For the first time in my SANI experience the weather God’s did not want to play along, the conditions were terrible it was as if 1500 cyclists had been dropped off in the UK for a little ride in their normal weather conditions, now we know why Poms are always so miserable!

There was this fine drizzle that followed us around the route and was just enough to irritate the hell out of you and make the single track slipperier than a Teasers girl covered in baby oil. The only way to keep my sense of humor was to abuse “Vern”. He was riding behind me and had so much mud speckled on his face, it looked like he had been practicing changing a baby’s nappy with his teeth.

When riding on the fast district roads it was like trying to navigate a road bike on an ice rink, along the way we passed a couple of ‘KFC” downhill wannabe’s, they had obviously run out of skill and had ended up in the ditch, was not a pretty sight.

‘Vern”, ‘Old Oak”, “Die Harder” and myself had decided to ride as a foursome, this was probably the closest we would ever get to a foursome, and were taking the ride as a 3 day club ride. It was definitely the way to go.‘Die Harder’ set the pace in the initial stages as he was a bit concerned about his fitness; it was at this point that the boys decided that we would call him “Oom Pete’ for the weekend, we finished the day quite comfortably.

MCC had 10 teams competing in the Adventure with a couple of virgin SANI riders; boy did the weather ensure some character building took place.

It was great to see ‘Popcorn’ get in safely at the end of Day 1, unfortunately his partner came down with a bug and had to withdraw so Dave had to ride solo, this was ok as he normally rides on his own right at the back on club rides any way!

The Watson Wallies also pulled in with a muddy smile on their faces; they quickly organized someone to wash their bikes and headed off to the bar as “King’ Kev felt his crew had dehydrated on the route!

“Road Rage” has to take the prize for patience as even his wife admits he has to, and I am quoting, “Put up with a lot of shit”, not only does he have to clean 2 bikes, carry 2 boxes and lube all the creaking and squeaking parts (I am not talking about the bikes either) but he cannot not even have the satisfaction of dropping a dart in the tent after a tough day on course. It was good to see the married couple get in with smiles on their faces, just shows what desperate measure some parents will go to in order to have some time away from the kids?

My Old man does not seem to get enough of his son, funny enough; mind you his darts smell similar to mine must be in the genes?

Farting, I believe is not only a female bug bear, “Oom Pete’ informed us at dinner that “Vern’ is also offended by words of wisdom emanating from the toothless hairy one!

Well with Day 1 under the belt and all club riders safely home, even though Grant “ Naught” Harding” had a tough day trying to hold onto the leash of his un-domesticated “Cocker Spaniards” hairy tail.

We also had Greg ‘Mindaar” up there in the top 30 on day 1, bloody race snake!

Talking about Race snakes well done to team “Whine and Stein”, who managed a 3h37 on day 1 of the Race, 1 hour faster than the MCC Adventure boys, bet they did not see all the wonderful scenery?

Day 2 the hardest day ominously looms, read about all the war stories in next week’s edition of FRODO’S SANI2MUDDY2SEE!

Results can be found at www.sani2c.co.za, sorry if I did not find everyone:

Team Name Rider A Rider B Combined Time Position
The Twomusthavebeers Grant Harding Arkaitz Poncela 15:27:17 171
MCC old Farts Victor Tesar Peter Hawkins 16:51:08 338
FRODO AND OLDOAK Burnett Wayne Malcolm Burnett 16:51:09 339
Scooby Dudes Elize Ramsay Anthony Ramsay 18:27:14 497
Reflex David Cooper Greg Wilson 19:29:23 Ind
shova khale mark frara kevin watson 21:04:50 655
paddy and son rynan watson barry watson 22:04:30 668
Chase n Buckballs Greg Chase Andrew Francis 13:41:23 24
Subaru DCC Looneys Neil Thorns Digby Webb 15:45:50 204

Elite 100km + Ride

Correct the C riders will be HAVE THE PLEASURE of FRODO’s company on Saturday, Geriatric has requested that some new routes are mapped out for the up and coming C riders, please lets have a big turn out, will be a blast and I will be sharing some entertaining war stories from the SANI2MUDDY2SEE!

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