Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Frodo's Fables 16th Feb 2010

After a late night watching the Parlatones, I woke up at 05h43 on Saturday morning thinking I am sure I am supposed to be somewhere; you can imagine when the penny dropped mass panic set in! I must have set a new record for getting to the Mug and ready to ride in about 15 minutes; I need not have worried though as ‘KFC” had also had a lay in and was fart arsing around! As your fearless leader I have to apologies for the lack of control on Saturday and I hope every one ended up in a group suitable for their pace.

Feedback I received from the ride captains was that there were a lot of tired bodies once all the rides were completed; this goes from the elite group all the way down to the D riders, this was probably due to the temperature reaching 40 degrees, we were sweating more than Zuma at a Paternity testing.

The turn out on Saturday was extremely healthy and warrants us having 5 groups, so we will try this again on Saturday.

In the elite group there was only 4 riders and it was a hard ride of 100km’s with 1700m of climbing and in the heat I believe wives were called to pick up the pieces along the way, enough said. The elite ride will be leaving at 05h00 this Saturday and will be 100km’s at an average of between 20-22km/hr dependant on the route.

The group I had the priviledge of leading was great fun, it is great to hear the banter with the guys laying bets amongst themselves who would pop first and have to buy the group coffee. I do believe the winner was Louie who was looking good until 5km’s from the end where he was doing a great imitation of “Burry’ the week before! Louie you can get credit at the Mug if this is going to be a weekly edition?

“Pace Snake” also stated more than once on the ride that she was gat full and did not see the logic of riding up a hill to see millions of lady birds, she told us to take a picture.

In the A ride led by the Assassin, the pace was sociable for most, but a little bird whispered in my ear that “Vern” and “Sallad” were gum beating ever so slightly and were giving the fit Epic riders a hard time!

We had the priviledge of having Willem the “Tar Tart” join us on the ride with his Epic partner and with Philip they were chasing each other up the hills like 3 wild dogs chasing a bone.

Ronnie the comments made about your route were all complimentary.

Every week I do not get to discuss the up and coming riders of the club. Geriatric Bill has done a wonderful job in recruiting a group of riders that epitomize the culture of the club. The D riders were led out towards Irene by Bill who does a similar route every week but because he has Alzheimer’s he thinks he is continuously discovering unchartered waters week in and week out, he also thinks he has a new batch of riders every week!

The fact of the matter there were some valuable lessons learnt on his ride, that being that always ride prepared with spares. “Popcycle’ has been riding without a spare tube for a while, well this week he had 3 punctures, probably find that he put the same old tube back in. Do not laugh, I have seen it happen with experienced riders, hey dad!

Moral of the story would you pitch up to the Sabie Experience with out a rain coat, the answer is very simple!

I also believe Marika had her customary double dismount, she was told that it was happy hour so she decided to fall off twice in one ride! Oh yes and lastly “Geriatric’ navigated them through a dreaded swamp of mud, the girls definitely added him to their Valentines list and have labeled him a dirty Old man, well if the MTB shoe fits…!

I have another wonderful DIRTY DOUBLE weekend planned, no Vern it does not include Teazers girls. Saturday will be a chilled club ride and Sunday will be a monster 90km ride to the Cheese farm where we will meet the families and have lunch, I hope that all RSVP me or there could be some hungry souls when you do not have a spot booked at the table.

06H00 MUG

Wise man once said the more you practice the luckier you get, shining example would be Hugh Hefner!!!!

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