Thursday, February 11, 2010

Frodo's Fables 10th Feb 2010

All the SANI participants have been looking for some harder longer rides, well this weekend the rides dished that up in abundance.

The A ride on Saturday, even though it was the familiar “Ruin” route, seemed to take its toll on most of the group, with the exception of Rob. I have to admit Rob was extremely well behaved and controlled himself in the ride, he only moaned about the route 15 times, so he must be maturing with age, I am convinced he was a roadie in his past life?

A couple of the B regulars decided to tag along and put in a sterling performance. As far as entertainment goes, whilst sitting on the outer boundary of Northern Farm waiting for Grant who had his chain come off, we sat and carried out some great game watching. I am quite an avid bird watcher and personally recognized a pair of double breasted Robins fly past on specializes, I am sure their names were Sue and Jacky Robins?

I now know why Paul Ruinard does not ride with the club, he adamantly states that it is because MCC are up to early; we all noticed you circling around the “Robins” like a vulture who had just spotted a Dassie.

There were a couple of candidates for the RED JERSEY this week, “Road Rage” was unable to defend his title as he was at home baking cakes for his youngsters party, but we had an early effort from newbie Louie who took a slow motion tumble on the rocky climb up the ruin, but without doubt the jersey is handed over to ‘Vern” who managed to fall on the only piece of tar we rode on for the entire 70km’s. He was adamant it was Duncan’s fault, but last time I looked “Vern was following him?

Fortunately “Vern” landed on his head so there was only slight damage to the tar!

Vasbyter of the day was spectacularly claimed by “Burry” Elliot who at the 55km mark popped like a corn kernel in a hot pot. At one stage he asked if it was snowing as all he could see was white spots.

Fortunately we were close to home so he could take the most direct route home to go and lick his wounds.

The ‘B” riders had, what we all thought was an unwelcome addition to their group. “KFC” decided to join them, we all giggled and were excited about a peaceful quiet A ride for a change.

Well surprisingly “KFC” was lavishly praised by the Watson clan, even though that was not the words Kevin used when they were taken up the steep ruin climb for the first time. The B riders also managed about 70km’s and well done “KFC”.

For the Virgin SANI2C riders and those not lucky enough to have an entry have a glimpse at these links to see what you will be missing.

Concrete strips to Tamika's Detour:
Murrays Meander to Nicks Pass:
The all new Yankee Doodle:

Then on Sunday Chris led the start of the Hekpoort 100km ride which was very well attended with 18 riders present. Well after 5km’s I could already see where this was headed as some of the boys were already comparing who had the biggest pump in their pants!

I spoke to Chris and we split the group into two, Rob’s balls had also started getting itchy so we had to send him ahead!

The ‘Elite” group sped off like an Ethiopian who was late for a free meal, whilst the rest of us sane riders enjoyed the scenery and socialized.

Going up and over Breedts neck was like watching Bafana Bafana play football, slow, painful and with no real aim. I mean why ride up, and then down only to ride back up the bloody thing again. At the Spaza shop we carried out a closer inspection of kev’s aka ‘Michael Naiker” wheels, they must have been pumped to about 9 bar. His view was that his bike was like a wife, if it is working, quiet and is not giving you shit then do not play with it!

Have to admit Kev rode a lot better than that fateful Thursday ride he joined us on, he had managed to rediscover his sense of humor, cannot say the same for “Die Harder” who we have had to reclassify due to his latest form, he is now affectionately known as ‘Fish Curry”. Pete had raced hard on Saturday and had no legs for Sunday’s excursion; this is a man who normally can ride for 365 days a year. I am still convinced that the effort he had to put in to ensure they beat “Burry’ and me at Mankele has scarred him for life? Oh yes entries have opened and there will be a revenge session is on the cards!

A rider who has improved since he last rode and exploded with us was Jaco, it is great to see these guys who come back after being battered on a ride and have become extremely strong, and I still managed to give him a go on the home stretch though.

Talking about the home stretch, “Vern” was whining like a pig on helium, he has almost taken over the mantle from Rob lately or maybe it was the fall on his head on Saturday?

To all who want a very tough stage race, get your entries in for the Mankele 3 towers, there is some stunning riding and I rate it better than SABIE!

Due to the popularity of the A ride on Sunday, I heard that the pace was hard but all the boys loved it, well done Chris, there will be an real A ride this Saturday but will start at 05h30 from the Mug and will be captained by Chris ‘The Goat” Steinbach, so all you strong boys be there or be square like me.

Any one looking for an Argus entry please contact me.

06H00 B MUG and BEAN (KFC)


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