Monday, September 14, 2009

Itec Dome 2 Dome

I raced the Itec Dome 2 Dome yesterday, it was only 91km, but boy were there hills! My time in the end was 2:51 and an average speed of 31.83km/h. The route was great and weather was perfect, It was the first road race since the Emperors palace classic in early February. (I won't count the Argus because I rode it as a social ride very slowly at the back), so it was a shock to my system. People that tell you that Mountain biking will make you strong for Road racing are right...but strong doesn't always mean fast. I realised that my legs are not used to turning a big 52 tooth chainring. I felt in this race it was my legs that went bust, not my heart and lungs!

I did see some photographers enroute, so I will post a pic or two once I have them.

The next event is most likely Campus to Campus at the end of the month.

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