Monday, July 20, 2009

Nissan Diamond Rush 60km - Cullinan

I hooked up with the Midrand Country cyclists to go through to the 2nd of the Nissan series MTB races in Cullinan. Before we had even left Midrand, one guys bike had already fallen off the bike rack and stolen...the same vehicle had a puncture 5 km later. Sometimes its best to know when to go home. I felt really sorry for them cause as it turned was an awesome route.

The course had a very good mix of single track, narrow technical wooden bridges, steep rocky downhills and a solid climb 5km from the end. I got to about 45-50km and that was me...history. Up until then I was pushing very hard but just didn't have the legs to go the distance. I finished in a time of 03:09 and an average speed of 19.01km/h. I finished in the top half of the field, which is often my aim at 142 out of 440 and 34th of 98 in my age catagory (Vet M).

So why did I lose the plot and not go the distance, I ask myself...and here are some possible scenarios:

1) Havent been doing long enough rides on the weekends. The average time and distance is 2:45 and 60-80km (mostly on the road bike)
2) Still tired from Cape town trip and Knysna effort.
3) Still weigh 76kg and think i am lighter than i am :-) or
4) This is the one that scares me the most...could the problems that I experienced with my Iliac artery and subsequent anglioplasy be coming back...I seriously hope not cause that would spell the end of the road...or a very expensive procedure!

Anyway, I wont think about that now, I'll eliminate all the rest and see how it goes!

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