Sunday, July 12, 2009

Knysna 85km MTB annihilation

After a rushed and tiring week, working and visiting friends and family in CPT, we headed out to Knysna for the annual PnPay rotary Knysna cycle tour. I had entered the 85km Mountain bike event. When I entered I must have been suffering from delusions of grandeur, (a delusion that you are much greater and more powerful and influential than you really are), because I entered with the registered CR group. It was encouraging to be sitting on the start line with the likes of Burry Stander and Kevin Evans and I had convinced myself that I would at least stay with this group over the first half an hour. We headed out in perfect conditions and by the time we had left Knysna and hit the dirt road, I was in trouble, heartrate redlining, lungs exploding and legs feeling like two limp pieces of overcooked fettucini...and we were still in the neutral zone. The lead out vehicles pulled off and I was dropped like a ton of bricks. I tried my best to go faster and it felt like the whole race overtook me. It was then that I realised that the late night "40th" birthday celebrations at "LaMed" blended with a healthy dose of very colorful drinks, might be part to blame.
After 35km of humiliation and pain, I made peace with the fact that I was in no state to race and I symobolically stopped (in the middle of nowhere), chowed an expensice Power Bar (Vanilla), took in some scenery, told a grandad with a funny helmet that I was ok, climbed back on my bike and slowly finished the race.

My final time was 4:28 with an average speed of 18km/h. My starting companions, Burry and Kevin managed a brisk 2:47 with an average speed of 30km/h.
I might have some work to do.

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