Monday, June 15, 2009

Chicken but not chicken

Ok so I still have to go back to the dentist for root canal chapter 2. What prevents me from going? Is it that it feels ok now, or is it that I am so chicken of the dentist that i am prepared to live with the sharp gaping hole that cuts into my cheek and forces me to use a toothpick everytime a morsel passes my lips. Or is it because life is so busy and I just haven't had time? Not too sure but either way, it hasn't been done and I don't know when it will be done either.

On a "not so chicken" note, I have entered 2 cool MTB events, the first one being the NISSAN Tygervalley 65km endurance race on Sat 20th. This is part of a 5 race series that will count as a Official Gauteng provincial marathon series, all points and results will go towards provincial points, which is pretty cool. i am thinking of commiting to doing all 5 of them.

Then on 4th July is the 85KM Knysna MTB race which I have entered. I want to go hard on this one in preperation for the Nandos Magalies 3 day MTB race in August.

I have been diligently training 4 times a week, easy on Mondays and Fridays, Hard intervals on Wednesdays and a long 3-4 hour ride on Saturdays. The consistency is paying off and if I can lose about 4kg before August, I'll be good.

I'm phsyced to ride at the moment which is a good sign.

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