Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Carnival City Macsteel National Classic

I decided to do a couple of Road races before the Argus cycle Tour on the 8th March, and this was 2nd of two that I chose. The first was the Emperors Palace classic (99km) and this one was 100km. My results were pretty similar in both races, got dropped from the AL group at about 50km and spent the last 50 either with small splinter groups or on my own. My finish time was 2:43 with an average speed of 36.86km/h. So why couldn't I stay with the A group to the end? I'm fat, thats why. My BMI (Body Mass Index) is 24.82 which still falls into the "normal" zone, but for racing bicycles it is too high. I have always raced best at about 70kg, so I am 6kg too heavy. Ideal cycle racing BMI is closer to 19. I am losing load of power due to this and I know that if I can lose 5-7 kg, I'll be clocking some much better times.

Now where did I stash that chocolate?

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