Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Holiday in Port Edward

We are back from a 2 week holiday in Port Edward, for the sake of my Oz connections, its on the south coast of Kwa-Zulu Natal, on the border of the Eastern Cape. We stayed at a place called Clearwater Trails, overlooking the Umtamvuma River Gorge and Nature Reserve which boasts some of the most exciting marked and guided mountain bike trails in South Africa. Its also about 10 minutes from some cool beaches.
We had plenty of rain and although I was really hoping for hot, sunny beach days, we made the most of it. Merril, Guy, Jordyn and guys brother, Tal, joined us. The views from our cabins were breathtaking and a 1 minute walk took us right to the edge, overlooking the gorge. We spent loads of time eating out and drinking gallons of coffee (Clearwater is next door to Beaver Creek coffee plantation) as the weather wasn't too good. The family had a great Christmas and the girls had a wonderful time. Courteney got sick with a terrible cough and at one stage her temperature was so high, we had to take her to the Margate private hospital. We also discovered an awesome little coffee shop at the base of the Port Edward Lighthouse which served the best cuppucinos in town. We all climbed to the top of the lighthouse to be spoiled with great views of Port Edward. We hooked up with our good friends, the Bushes from Cape Town which was really cool. We also went to the swinging bridge at Oribi gorge and had lots of fun with the girls making our way nervously across the bridge. It was very misty on the day and the scene was like something out of an Indiana Jones movie. We took the girls to the supertube on Port Edward main beach, I mean, what is a Natal holiday without a Supertube when you are a kid. The girls had an absolute blast and so as expected they were too tired to stay awake and see the new year in that night. Me and Guy went down to the beach and let off a whole lot off fireworks just before midnight which was really cool. The New Year came and went with not to much fuss. The last few days of our holiday were spent eating, drinking more cofee and eating some more. I now have to lose the 2kg I put on over Christmas. All in all a rainy, but fun holiday and some really good times for the memory banks. I tried my hand at fishing, once at the Port Edward estuary and once at the Umzimkulu River mouth but only caught three little things that were no bigger than 20cm so I put them back. I also managed to catch some waves on the bodyboardwhich was fun. (note to self: In the new year buy a cool bodyboard and make some trips to durbs to catch some waves, its such fun). Jeanne Marie and I are now both back at work. I am back in the office physically, I am just waiting for my mind to join in, it seems to still be on the beach somewhere.


  1. I felt like a took a little mini-vac just reading this! Sound spic Digs, glad you guys had a good time. Welcome back to normality and Blogville.

    All the best and then some for 2009!

  2. okay, its early and my spelling is appalling. that first sentence should read ..felt like I took a mini-vac......sound EPIC.