Monday, January 19, 2009

4 8 15 16 23 42

Do these numbers mean anything to you? Does the name Jeremy Bentham ring a bell? How about Benjamin Linus, Richard Alpert or Charles Widmore? Have you ever heard of The Swan, The Pearl or The Orchid? Does the "Black Rock" give you the shivers and the name "Jacob" leave you in a cold sweat?

If you have answered no to these questions, then read no further!

However, if you answered yes to all of the above questions then read on, and remember, everything happens for a reason!

Season 5 of Lost starts in the US tomorrow, and thanks to DSL and a nice internet cap, I will be following very close behind. In a recent trailer found on YouTube, I noticed John Locke standing in what seems to be a barren part of the island, shouting, "Is anyone there? Anyone?" If you remember how season 4 ended with the island disappearing, then this is a very interesting scene. Also you see Ben saying to Jack that everyone has to go back, the island wont let you come alone...hence Season 5 is mainly about why they (Oceanic 6) have to get back. After 84 episodes since Season 1, I still have sooo many unanswered questions and I guess that Season 5 will answer some more. I suppose it is the intrigue that keeps me coming back for more. Nothing beats LOST, it is my all time favourite TV series without a shadow of doubt!

Wednesday's episode is called " Because you Left" and the next two will be "The Lie" (sounds very interesting) and the 3rd episode is "Jughead"

If you are not a Lostie, sorry for you!

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  1. Eendag. I am waiting for Losts conclusion before I begin watching the Series. I just dont want someone to wake up from a bad dream I have spent too many hours watching it!!!