Monday, December 8, 2008

The life of thousands of tiny little silkworms is in my hands!

We have eggs if you want, lots! A couple of months ago Caitlyn came home with about 15 middle aged silkworms. She had to beg us to get them and we finally gave in, now after an almost complete lifecycle, metamorphorsis and all, I'm too attached to part with my tiny oval friends! Why? Because I have been the one feeding, feeding, feeding and feeding them. Now that they have gone through the moth stage, no more feeding! I've learnt loads about silkworms over the last while, I'm almost ready to start my own silk emporium. I have a contact at the Oriental Plaza, who tells me that I need 1000 cocoons to make one silk shirt. Ok, my contact is a fireworks dealer, so what he says is taken with a pinch of curry powder, I've no intentions of making silk products. i'm going to put all these aggs in the fridge and make a "killing" next season (heh,heh).


  1. I have yet to venture into silkworm territory...mainly cos I dont have mulberry leaves available....

  2. Jeez - don't start feeding cats or dogs then... You'll end up being the next spca...