Thursday, November 20, 2008

My very first Blog post - Ever!

So here we go, the first post to my new blog, where friends and family can get a little peek into the thoughts, ideas and life of the crazy Webb family. For example, right now I am sitting with 2 empty (sigh) cups of coffee and a finished chocolate muffin wrapper, listening to my daughters cd player at full volume playing something from either Jonas Bros, Camp Rock or one of those "all sound the same" Disney cd's. No, I actually enoy it, listen to anything often enough and you'll be conditioned into enjoying it. Anyway, seeing that this is actually a bit of a test post, I'm gonna hit the post button now to see how it come out... well please check back here soon for pics of the F1 GP in Brazil, Cycling events, Family photos and whatever I decide to post...and hey, please post stuff too! For Now its Hasta-La-Vista!

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